Where do we work best?
We work best with business leaders and HR professionals who want support creating a quality candidate shortlist but who have the internal resources to handle the interview/assessment/offer part of the process.
Where do we not work so well?
If you just want a few CVs by the end of the week, then we are probably not the best match for you. We partner with our clients on a proper process and charge a fair consulting fee for doing so.
What are your terms of business?
We operate on a fixed fee basis which is invoiced on instruction. The fee for our service is £1250 per vacancy
Why don’t you manage the full recruitment lifestyle?
We have had many discussions with employers in terms of what they need from their external recruitment suppliers. There was a consensus amongst them that, whilst they could benefit from external recruitment support, they didn’t always need it to be full life cycle. They wanted help with the candidate attraction elements of the process but were able to deal with the latter stages of the process themselves. The traditional multi-agency contingency model represented poor value for them and so we came up with this solution instead.
How do you ensure a proper candidate experience?
We work alongside you as a professional advisor helping you to engage high quality candidates. We ensure that all candidates are handled with courtesy and respect. Each candidate receives the same level of interaction and information, which helps to ensure a consistent and smooth candidate experience.
How good are you at Recruitment?
We like to think we are pretty good! We have been at it since 2000 and have recruited at all levels across a range of technical, sales and commercial functions. We have a strong knowledge of the Cambridge market and so are well placed to support you with your current recruitment challenges.
Do you offer any guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee that we will do what we say that we are going to do. Our focus is on quality and our promise is that we will have a positive impact on your recruitment assignment. We will speak with you at the start of each assignment and agree on realistic outcomes for the work that we do together.